What's Infrared Towel Rack Heater

The infrared towel rack uses advanced far-infrared heating radiation technology to evenly distribute heat to towels through large-area radiant heating. Graphene material are added into the carbon crystal heating element to make the infrared heating work more efficiently and stably. It can consume very low energy but provide the best effect.
The infrared towel heaters are slim and sleek design. They have glass or Aluminium finish, and make a beautiful accessory for your bathroom. You can easily fix it at any convenient place which will help to save a lot of space.


Why Infrared Towel Heater?

Prevention of Mold- Appearance of molds in places that remain wet for a long period such as bathrooms is common. With the heater, it will be possible to eliminate molds by proper distribution of heat.
Low or No Maintenance- One of the main reasons is that the Infrared towel heaters need no maintenance after you install them properly.
Easy to Install and Save Your Space- It is generally of a board-like design that is easy to fit anywhere you want. The infrared towel heaters easily merge with the surroundings and look classy.


What can Evokor do?

An Evokor towel dryer not only ensures warm and dry towels, but also provide pleasant and comfortable warm to your bathroom,keeping your bathroom mold-free and moisture-free. The Evokor towel warmer also easily merge with the surroundings and look classy. We provide one years warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee, making your shopping experience safe and worry-free.

More about Evokor Infrared Towel Heater

What is Infrared Towel Heater?

Infrared is a form of radiant heat, comparable to the type of heat you get from the sun. Thanks to the advanced infrared heating technology, Evokor towel heater is a kind of electrical towel rack ,which can quickly and affordably dry towels and clothes.

Which side of the towel rack does the cable come out of ? Is there an option to swap or chose ?

The cable lead comes out bottom rear right hand side when seeing from the front, but cannot be changed. The lead length is 1.2 meters.

Does your electric heated towel heater need to be installed a specific distance from the floor?

Yes, the recommended installation height is no less than 60cm.It must be installed with a qualified electrician.

Does your towel rail have the option of wifi control?

Yes, wifi control is optional.

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